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  • Hundreds attend rally against prevailing wage, right-to-work bills - See more at:
    Charleston Gazette
    February 19, 2015
  • Cecil Roberts: How to make W.Va. coal industry truly ‘competitive’
    Charleston Gazette
    February 12, 2015

Coal Miners Against SB 357!

“The only thing cutting safety ever does is put miners’ lives on the line and put more money in coal operator’s pockets,” said President Roberts. “When safety standards are cut, miners die. It’s that simple.”

If you live in West Virginia, please contact your House of Delegate Representative(s) and tell them to oppose the new anti-safety legislation, SB 357. Click here to get their phone number.

Fight West Virginia SB 337!

The new leadership in the West Virginia legislature has not wasted any time trying to turn back the clock on labor laws that have protected UMWA brothers and sisters for generations.

If you live in West Virginia, please contact your State Senator and tell him/her to oppose the so-called Right to Work bill, SB 337. Click here *linked* to get the phone number of the West Virginia State Senators.

Don’t know your State Senate district? Click here.

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