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Daniel J. Kane, International Secretary Treasurer

Daniel J. Kane was sworn in as the United MiDJKne Workers of America International Secretary Treasurer on August 20, 2004. Kane had previously served as International Executive Board member, representing UMWA District 2 since 1985.

Born on May 15, 1949 to Paul L. and Grace M. Kane outside of the small mining town of Colver, Pa., Kane spent much of his time growing up around the home of his grandparents, Merle and Ruth Kane, who lived near Ebensburg, Pa. Merle Kane was a coal miner who worked in the nearby Bethlehem Corporation mines #32 and #33. Daniel Kane's great-uncle Alfred Kane was the first President of UMWA Local Union 850 in Revloc, Pa.

The oldest of 13 children, Kane graduated from Bishop Carroll High School in Ebensburg, then attended the University of Pittsburgh. In 1971, he went to work at the R.G. Johnson Company as a mine construction worker, classified as a drill runner and lead miner. While there, he was a member of UMWA Local Union 1634 and served as a project Safety Committee member.

In 1975, Kane went to work at the BethEnergy Mine #33 (the same mine where his grandfather worked) as a shuttle car operator and rock loader operator. He also performed various other jobs, including motorman, roof bolter, lampman, dispatcher and rotary dump operator. As an active member of Local Union 1368 from 1975-1985 he was elected by his fellow union members to several Local Union offices, including Local Union President, Recording Secretary, COMPAC Committee, Election Teller and Delegate to several District and International Conventions.

In 1985, the members of District 2 elected Kane to be their International Executive Board member, a position he held until becoming International Secretary Treasurer. While an IEB member, Kane negotiated scores of collective bargaining agreements with coal and non-coal employers, worked with the UMWA's Department of Occupational Health and Safety to reform Pennsylvania's mining laws, served as the COMPAC coordinator for the state of Pennsylvania and was the Union's lobbyist in Harrisburg. He was also the Selective Strike Coordinator for several selective strikes in both the anthracite and bituminous coalfields.

In addition, Kane worked to organize workers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, served on the COMPAC Executive Council and was a member of the Standing Committee on the Constitution and By-Laws.

In August, 2009, Kane was elected by acclamation to his second term as International Secretary-Treasurer. 

Kane married the former Claudia Smith in 1970. They have three children: Aaron, Gretchen and Allison; and four grandchildren: Rileigh, Claudia, Bryn and Carter.

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