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UMWA endorses candidates for West Virginia primary

March 4, 2008

MARCH 4, 2008

CONTACT: Phil Smith
                Ted Hapney

UMWA endorses primary candidates for statewide, legislative offices

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) West Virginia state Coal
Miners Political Action Committee (COMPAC) met in Charleston last week
and voted to endorse over 80 candidates for statewide and state
legislative offices in the upcoming May 19 primary.

“These are the candidates who have best demonstrated they support
working families and our issues,” UMWA International President Cecil E.
Roberts said. “We appreciate their commitment to continue fighting on
our behalf, and we will do all we can to help them win their primary

The state COMPAC committee also recommended candidate endorsements
for U.S. Senate and all three U.S. House of Representatives seats to
the union’s national COMPAC committee. The national committee will vote
on those recommendations later this month, at which time those
endorsements will be made public.

The complete list of endorsements is available on the UMWA's website by clicking here.

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