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Statement from Cecil Roberts about the closing of the Wabash Mine

April 4, 2007

“Foundation Coal has known for years that the Wabash Mine is an economically troubled mine. They asked our members to make concessionsin the previous agreement, and our members did — to the tune of $30,000 per member. That was not enough, apparently.
“Instead of recognizing the hard work our members have done and the sacrifices they have made, Wabash Mine Holding Company wanted more.
“Foundation Coal Holdings’ statement today that the Wabash Mine needed 'significant cost reductions and major capital investment' speaks for itself. This mine was likely to close whether we reached an agreement or not.
“That the company chose to make its announcement today is revealing. The brutal message in today’s press release from Foundation only serves to strengthen our resolve. We will continue to fight for every miner and family at all three mines. Closing Wabash will not change that fact.”

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