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Magnum Coal latest company to sign national coal agreement with UMWA

February 13, 2007

United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) International President Cecil E. Roberts announced today that Magnum Coal Company has agreed to the terms and conditions of the national bituminous coal wage agreement the union initially negotiated with the Bituminous Coal Operators' Association (BCOA) last December.
"We are pleased that Magnum has agreed to all the provisions of the national agreement," Roberts said. "Our members at Magnum have been working over 40 days without a contract, and it was time for the company to step up and join the other coal operators who have already recognized that this is a fairagreement for the workers and the companies."
As in the BCOA agreement, UMWA members will receive an immediate $1.50 per hour increase and a total $4.00 per hour increase over the life of the agreement. Magnum has agreed to pay the initial increase retroactively to January 1, the date when the previous contract had expired.
UMWA miners will also receive the $1,000 bonus negotiated in the BCOA contract, as well as pension improvements, maintenance of current health care benefits for active and retired members with no changes and other insurance improvements.
Magnum Coal Company is the controlling company for several mines represented by the UMWA in Boone and Logan Counties, W. Va. The UMWA has about 2,500 active and retired members that are covered by this agreement. Magnum is a corporate entity that was spun off from Arch Coal last year.
Roberts said that so far, Consol Energy, Jim Walters Resources, Peabody Energy, Ohio Valley Coal and now Magnum have agreed to the national agreement with the UMWA. "There are a very few other companies out there who have not yet signed the national agreement," Roberts said. "The clock is ticking, and the alarm is going to start ringing very soon. We will continue to talk with those companies, but they must realize that our patience will not last forever."

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