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Bill Green

Bill Green

Bill Greenbill greenBill Green was a coal miner, Sunday School teacher and state legislator from Ohio who rose to lead the American Federation of Labor. He was elected president of the AFL in 1924 after serving as Secretary Treasurer of the UMWA. He succeeded Samuel Gompers to become the third president of the AFL. His relationship with UMWA leader John L. Lewis became strained in 1935 when the UMWA joined with seven other AFL unions to form the Committee of Industrial Organizations, the forerunner of the CIO. Although Lewis intended the CIO to function as a committee within the AFL, Green took the position the CIO was dual unionism. He had the CIO unions expelled by the AFL Executive Council.

Green and Lewis reconciled their differences in 1946 when the UMWA, which had withdrawn from the CIO, rejoined the AFL. The reconciliation was short-lived however as the UMWA withdrew from the AFL in 1948 over labor's response to the Taft Hartley Act.

Green died in 1952, three years before the AFL and the CIO merged.

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